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The DYNAFOR® LLX-TR range of load indicating devices are highly accurate instruments for measuring tensile forces and suitable for a wide variety of applications where an instant indication of the load applied is required.

The principle of the DYNAFOR® LLX-TR is the movement of a material within its elastic limit, using bonded strain gauges to give a signal, relative to the load applied. The unit will operate in any position.

The DYNAFOR® LLX-TR range uses microprocessor based electronic to process the signal to give an accurate and immediate read-out, on the LCD, of the load applied.

The range of DYNAFOR® LLX-TR load indicators comprises models from 250 kg to 250 t.
The DYNAFOR® LLX-TR unit is supplied complete with a set of Alkaline long life batteries, within a carrying case, together with a hand held display radio receiver, an operating manual, 2 calibration certificates and a CE declaration of conformity.

The DYNAFOR® LLX-TR operates on a frequency of 433.92 MHz, with 1 mW power from the aerial, giving a transmission range of 40 m to 60 m, depending on the conditions. The transmission of the instructions (ON/OFF, Tare, Configuration), are made from the hand held display by infrared controls, with a range of 20 m.

DYNAFOR® MWX+ is a lifting accessory in accordance with CE directives N°89/392 - 91/368 - 93/68 and European Standards N° EN 292 - EN 55 022 - EN 50 082.2

Display with red light-emitting diodes (LED)
Height of digits : 25 mm
Ambient temperature range : -10°C to +50°C
Weatherproof and dustproof : IP65
Material : body in aluminium alloy
Finish : painted
Top suspension shackle - Bottom hook with catch
Power supply : 6 V, 12 AH rechargeable battery.
Power consumption : variable, depending on the setting of the functions
Battery life : 15 hours, but variable, with fully charged batteries (alkaline)
Accuracy : +/- 0.2% of capacity, or better.


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